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I reflect the good I see in others with open hand if.

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BEGIN EXCERPT So, how's everything else going?

Cathy V

As well as can be expected.  Let's see... first off, the truck made it!  And with minimal difficulties, no less.  Of course, it did guzzle two + quarts of motor oil on the way out here, sputter after three hours of continuous use,
and lose the right windshield wiper, but hey! you have to expect these things.

Also, I'm supposed to ask you about the subject of feeling comfortable thinking about oneself as an adult rather than a kid. Apparently you've been thinking about this as well?

Indeed I have. Okay, here's the backdrop. The first week of the SCAMP program a pool party was held at the director's house. It was basically an opportunity for people to get together and shmooze, and also for the long-term staff to scope out the SCAMPers. Anyway, a lot of people have families and they brought their kids; most of the kids were teenagers.