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R.I.P. Website on headstone

2015 was a sad time for my late website. The server cluster I had been using for a quarter century finally closed up shop.

That previous website had a long and glorious history starting from my undergraduate days. It was one of the first in the original internet Index, gained prominence by being featured in the Open Directory Project, and had millions of hits on a variety of topics. Many of its pages were top-ranked in Google and other search engines. Since it has perished, all of that is gone. :-(

However, I've decided to interpret this loss as an opportunity to remake my website using modern standards. The recent rise of mobile and tablet viewing has starkly showed my previous website didn't age gracefully. Consider, when I first created it, css didn't exist! :-O Nor did the concepts of dynamic wikis, content management, or responsive systems. (A web designer friend of mine said it physically pained her to see my great content wrapped in such crappily ancient formats.) So, since the slate has been wiped clean, we might as well make the best of it.

Anyway, what this means is that I'll be slowly but surely uploading my old website into this new CMS. Please be patient... it is several thousand pages spanning decades, and a huge whopping gob of it will have to be re-entered by hand until I can figure out how to automate it. I'll start off with the most popular sections from the old site (the blog, guides, humor, gaming, etc.) and then branch out from there. But expect most of this new site to be blank for a good long time, a mere skeleton until I can flesh it out.


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