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I reflect the good I see in others with open hand if.

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This poem has great personal significance to me.

I first read it as a child and adopted it as an instruction manual on how to live life. It provided much needed guidance on avoiding common pitfalls.

It was featured in a comic book story about self esteem called The Unforgiving Minute. I read that at a fortuitous time as a teenager when I was struggling with similar issues.

Since then, it has helped reinvigorate me on many occasions, from trivially making the best of waiting in line to seriously saving people's lives.

American Flag Lit


For the most part, I'm an apolitical person.

I actively avoid talking politics, even though I've already written two books on how to reform our government.  I view elections as straw man sideshows, where the choice of politician is pretty much irrelevant and has as much consequence as which sports team is on top.  Why?  Because all politicians are under the same pressures to serve their campaign donors, political parties, and special interests, so they are effectively interchangeable.  But this last election something amazing happened: America has elected a non-politician as their President.

R.I.P. Website on headstone

2015 was a sad time for my late website. The server cluster I had been using for a quarter century finally closed up shop.

That previous website had a long and glorious history starting from my undergraduate days. It was one of the first in the original internet Index, gained prominence by being featured in the Open Directory Project, and had millions of hits on a variety of topics. Many of its pages were top-ranked in Google and other search engines. Since it has perished, all of that is gone. :-(