Kim Lumbard.  One Man.  Many Stories.  Infinite Fun!Kim Lumbard.  One Man.  Many Stories.  Infinite Fun!

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Site Logo the diverse worlds of Kim E Lumbard!  Here's a brief tour of the sections on this website.


A bold and provocative look at my private life.  I've kept a soul-baring journal online since 1990, before the word "blog" was even invented. Before drowning in the blog, you might want to try the two curated views first: my Life Story and The Essential Kim. This section also contains various personal sundries like my contact information.


But enough about me.  This section is all about you! I've collected a variety of resources that have helped me through life, and I'd like to share them with you. The Living Guides cover practical topics like health, happiness, and financial security. Humor Me! is a breath of fresh air fun! And finally there are my personal Recommendations.


My career is based on helping other people improve their situation. I engage in political and social reform through entrepreneurial and humanitarian ventures. As a consultant I specialize in solving "impossible problems": the bigger and more complex, the better. There are also resources like my research publications and resume if you'd like to hire me.


Here's some stuff I'm passionate about not previously covered. I love games and have been an avid role-player for decades. I regularly embark on crazy adventures and run wacked out experiments. I love reading, designed improvement, and just plain having fun!  This section is brimming with the zany paraphernalia from my many escapades.

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Friend me on Facebook to chat me up! It has the majority of my online pics since 2010, including a brief excursion into Instagram. Note that Facebook is mostly fluff to amuse friends and keep in touch. For greater exposition and insight into my life check out my Personal section.


My YouTube Channel, with all my online video since 2010, and a great deal from before then as well. The biggest playlists are the New World Campaign sessions and 'Line Pirates design videos, but there are numerous gems on the page.


My dating profile at OkCupid. I welcome any and all matchmaking attempts. :-) You might also be interested in what I'm looking for in a relationship.qqq


An online diary I kept for a friend for the year of 2006. Now that my website had been modernized, I'll probably never return there.


This is primarily just to sell stuff that I've created.  In 2015 it only had one bookqqq, but pretty soon I intend on authoring several more and creating some products as well (that I'll need for a project I'm hatching, he says mysteriously).


Google Plus is pretty barren because I'm usually on Facebook. I may not ever ramp this up.

Incidentally, I deliberately limit my usage of different online sites. So despite hundreds of invitations to Linked In, Orkut, Wikia, a host of gaming sites, etc. I don't have time to use them. Please don't take my declining personally... I still [[love you]] just as much. o:-)

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I travel... a lot.  So a common question is where the heck I am and how to contact me:qqq link to contact page once finished

  • Location - Aliquippa, PA
  • on XTC # - headed westqqq link to XTC section once finished


Recent and upcoming events that will eventually make it to my Life Story:

  • Jul 11 - Started the third phase of Project: Breathe Easy, replacing linoleum with tile
  • Aug - Turning Japanese by visiting Japan!

Note that while I'm in Japan I WILL NOT HAVE MOBILE SERVICE. So contact me by e-mail, and don't be worried if you can't reach me by phone.


What is currently occupying my time, in no particular order:

For those interested, here's qqq a Press Kit and the full News archive.